Why Choose Poultry Cage Equipment In Senegal?

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The chicken poultry sector plays an important role in the economy of Senegal. The production of eggs is very important for many reasons.

Firstly, because they represent one of the most consumed foods in Senegal.Secondly, they have a high nutritional value ,thirdly they can be used as a source of income for poor families who sell them at local markets.  That’s why the poultry business is booming across the country in Senegal, We have seen a big increase in demand for cage poultry products over the last couple of years. The main reason for this is that people like to eat more healthy food than before. They want that poultry products come with less additives and preservatives, more healthy and natural, Also there is another trend nowadays: People prefer buying locally grown products instead of imported ones.

So, if you look at the statistics, you will see that most consumers in Senegal buy their poultry products like chicken meat or table eggs are from local suppliers, which is why a lot people are making investment into the poultry business. This poultry business contributes about 12% of GDP in Senegal, based on statistic from FAO, says Senegal reported producing around 850 million table eggs, out of which 60% are produced by large commercial farms. Around 35% of the total number of table eggs come from small-scale farmers.

Although this business has been growing fast, it is still underdeveloped and needs improvement. The main constraints include lack of infrastructure, low productivity levels, poor marketing strategies and high cost of inputs. In addition to these problems, the sector remains highly inefficient and unprofitable. In order to make this sector more profitable and efficient, there is need to improve the management practices used by chicken farmers.

We did some research on the local market,  most chicken farmer especially for  small-medium ones, they are still using deep litter for raising chickens, as it’s cheapest option to start the poultry chicken raising business, but as your business expanding fast, there are lots of disadvantage about deep litter system, such as

1. It takes much more space for building chicken house to raise all chickens on ground.

2. The manure of chickens can't be collected easily.

3. There are many diseases like salmonella which caused by the manure of chickens.

4. The smell of ammonia is bad.

5. The expenditure on feed is higher than caging system, because too many waste.

6. It is hard to clean the house.

7. It is difficult to control the temperature inside the house.

8. It is hard to collect eggs, egg broke rate is high.

So the deep litter might be easy and simple for starters, but it’s actually not a very efficient way especially when expanding your farm to larger building, or set up multiple buildings. Cage systems are becoming increasingly popular, especially among small to medium chicken farmer, who lack sufficient capital to invest in new equipment. 

This system consists of wire mesh cages containing one bird each. Each cage is placed in a larger room called “battery room”. The battery rooms are arranged in rows and columns. The birds are fed and watered daily. The battery cages are cleaned regularly and disinfected between batches. The birds are provided with adequate space to stand and move around. This system provides good environmental control and ventilation to make chickens live very comfortable.

Compared with Deep Litter farms, there are a lot advantage for battery cage system:

1) It allows the farmer to raise more chickens in the same amount of space. This means that they use less land, which means they can expand their business and make more money.

2) It’s feasible for farmer to produce eggs or meat at a faster rate. This means they can improve their turnover of capital and make this business more profitable.

3) It can help reduce the cost on feeding, because it’s easy to mange the feeding distribution, and control the waste.

4) It allows chickens to lay their eggs inside cage, without having to walk across dirty ground, This eliminates potential contamination from manure on ground, and collecting eggs in a more clean and efficient way.

5It is easy for poultry farm cleaning and disinfection . This is important because it reduces the risk of disease outbreak like bird flu or salmonella , and lowers costs associated with cleaning and disinfection work.

6) It allows the temperature and humidity inside house to be monitored and controlled, it remains constant throughout the day. This means that the chickens are kept warm during the winter and cool during the summer, improves the survival rate and lower the mortality rate.

This cage system makes life easier for us farmers. We can control our chickens easily because of their behavior. You don’t need to worry about your chickens if they are sick or not. They have space to move around freely. Besides, we can make them feed more than before. The cost of feeding is lower than that of using deep litter. Moreover, we don’t need too much space to raise our chickens. All these advantages make the cage system better than the deep litter.

So if you want to start a poultry farm or expand your farm, I would recommend that you should try this new method of Battery cage raising chickens.

Retech has been exploring and studying Senegal poultry market for many yeas, and we’re very familiar with the local market, helped many chicken farmers to achieve great success by renovating their farms and upgrading the equipment, with more than 30 years of production experience, we can design and manufacture both chicken house and chicken cage based on your need and requirement, we can provide clients with automatic layer cage, broiler cage, and pullet cage, with best quality raw material, state of art of technology, competitive price, good service before/after sale.

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