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    20 + Years’ Service Life

    RETECH has always maintained the pursuit of high-quality automatic equipment. Over 20 years service life comes from the selection of raw materials, high attention to details and quality control of each component. Successful projects in 51 countries around the world have proved that our equipment can achieve the best results under various climatic conditions.

    Reliable Whole Process Accompany

    RETECH has a expert team with 20 years’ raising experience. The team is composed of senior consultants, senior engineers, environmental control experts and poultry health protection experts. We provide customers with full-process solutions through the complete customer service system, including project consulting, designing, producing ,operating ,maintaining, breeding guidance, and raising related product recommendation.

    Easier Chicken House Management

    Based on the continuous improvement of the intensive farming, farming enterprises put forward higher requirements for farm management. The RETECH "Smart Farm" intelligent cloud platform and smart environmental control system integrate the IOT technology and cloud computing to realize digital and intelligent raising upgrades for customers. RETECH can make raising smarter and easier.


about us

As a leading livestock equipment manufacturer, RETECH FARMING is committed to turning customers' needs into smart solutions, so as to help them achieve modern farms and improve farm efficiency.

RETECH has more than 30 years’ production experience, focusing on automatic layer, broiler and pullet raising equipment manufacture, research and development. Our R&D department cooperated with many institutions such as Qingdao University of Science and Technology to integrate the continuously updated modern farming concept into product design. Through the practice of chicken farms, we continue to upgrade automatic raising equipment. It can better realize the intensive farm of sustainable income.

20 Years'

Service Life

20,000m2 +

Equipment Processing Workshop

300 +

Company staff


In the production process, we only use high-quality material, continuously monitor the quality of each component , and produce automatic raising equipment with more than 20 years' service life . Our company has passed ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001 certification to exceed our customers' expectations with high quality equipment and services. RETECH focuses on product upgrades and technology research and development. We integrate the IOT technology and cloud computing to assist in the digital and intelligent upgrade of farms. RETECH can make chicken farming much smarter and easier.

RETECH’s expert team with 20 years of farming experience provides customers with whole process project solutions , from project consulting, program design, production to raising guidance. Let customers achieve modern poultry business more easily. Our products are exported to many foreign markets and win the trust of customers in 51 countries including Africa, Asia, East Europe, South America, Middle East and so on. We know your demands better, as we are professional.

Our company has passed ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001 certification to exceed our customers' expectations with high quality equipment and services.

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ISO 9001

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  • Over 30 years’ chicken raising experience.
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  • A 400,000 birds’ modern layer demonstration farm.
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  • A 2,000,000 pullets’ demonstration farm.
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  • We are your lifelong farming consultant, free training.
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Our products are exported to over 51 countries in Africa, Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, East Europe and South America, we have rich experiences in overseas project, which have been reviewed favorably by many clients.
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