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What nutrients do layers need?

Retech Automatic Chicken Cage Supplier The nutrients of laying hens include energy, protein (containing amino acids), minerals (containing trace elements), vitamins and water.

How do you treat infectious coryza in chickens?

Retech Farming - Automatic Chicken Cage Supplier Avian infectious rhinitis is an acute respiratory disease. The morbidity rate is high, and the disease may occur throughout the year.

What is the cause of chicken hair loss?

Retech Automatic Chicken Cage Supplier When laying hens lose health due to health problems, egg production performance will be affected first.


Now with high-density breeding, chicken coops and breeding equipment are becoming more advanced.

Ten Ways to Improve the Survival Rate of Brooding

Prepare the brooding room before the chicks come. Rinse the trough drinker thoroughly with clean water, then scrub with hot alkaline water, rinse with clean water, and dry. Rinse the brooding room with clean water, lay the bedding after drying, put in the brooding utensils, fumigate and disinfect with 28ml formalin, 14g potassium permanganate and 14ml water per cubic meter of space.

Have you noticed the environment in the layer house?

Have you noticed the environment in the layer house? 1. Chicken house temperature 2. Humidity in the chicken house 3.Ventilation of the chicken house

Differences between Battery Cage System and Free-range System

The battery cage system is far better for the following reasons: Space Maximization In Battery Cage System,One cage holds from 96, 128,180 or 240 birds depending with the preferred choice. The cages dimension for 128 birds when assembled is length 1870mm, width 2500mm and height 2400mm.

Selection method of disinfectant for chicken farm

Selection method of disinfectant for chicken farm 1.Drinking water disinfection 2.Spray disinfection 3.Soak disinfection 4.Fumigation

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