How to choose poultry cage for raising chickens in Kenya?

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In Kenya, the poultry chicken industry is growing rapidly, it’s a booming business in Kenya, with an increasing number of small-scale poultry farmers.The Ministry of Agriculture,Livestock and Fisheries (MoALF) estimates that there are about 3 million chickens raised in different scale of farms in Kenya, but most farmers they have very limited access to modern technology for chicken raising and poultry farm management, they are often having problems like high mortality rates and poor quality eggs.Therefore, The government has set a target to increase egg production by 50% from current levels by 2035, The government has been working on a project to improve the lives of these farmers by providing them with more sustainable methods of raising chickens. So Yes,  there will be lot of business opportunities for poultry chicken raising in Kenya. If you’re interest to learn more about the background knowledge of poultry chicken business in Kenya, pls feel free to contact us!

Currently, most chicken farmers in Kenya primarily use free-range farming. This means that all of their chickens are allowed out into the open and they have access to food and water at any time, as it's much cheaper and easier to set up.

There are some disadvantages about free-range chicken farming:

1) For free-range farm, it required more space, which can be an expensive investment for land purchasing, and land maintaining afterward.

2) There are issues with hygiene and sanitation, as chickens are easily get exposed to disease outbreaks and parasites. Hard to get fresh feeding and clean water for chickens.

3) The cost on chicken feeding will be much higher, there will be huge amount of feeding get wasted, esp considering the current feeding price skyrocketing.

4) It’s not easy to control temperature and whether for free range farm,  if running in extreme weather, like extreme hot or cold, it could cause massive chicken death, and result in huge loses for farmers.

So the free-range chicken raising is actually not an very efficient. In order to solve this problem, the Kenya government is trying to promote a new type of chicken raising method called “Battery Cage for raising chickens” which will help chicken farmer to cut down on costs and increase productivity.

Compared with Free-range farms, there are a lot advantage for battery cage system:

1) It allows the farmer to raise more chickens in the same amount of space. This means that they use less land, which means they can expand their business and make more money.

2) It’s feasible for farmer to produce eggs or meat at a faster rate. This means they can improve their turnover of capital and make this business more profitable.

3) It can help reduce the cost on feeding, because it’s easy to mange the feeding distribution, and control the waste.

4) It allows chickens to lay their eggs inside cage, without having to walk across dirty ground, This eliminates potential contamination from manure on ground, and collecting eggs in a more clean and efficient way.

5) It is easy for poultry farm cleaning and disinfection . This is important because it reduces the risk of disease outbreak like bird flu or salmonella , and lowers costs associated with cleaning and disinfection work.

6) It allows the temperature and humidity inside house to be monitored and controlled, it remains constant throughout the day. This means that the chickens are kept warm during the winter and cool during the summer, improves the survival rate and lower the mortality rate. 

So if you want to start a poultry farm or expand your farm, and want to bring your chicken farming business to next level, I would strongly recommend that you should try this new method of Battery cage raising chickens. We would be more than happy to share more information with you about this battery caging system.

Retech has been exploring and studying Kenya poultry market for many years, and we’re very familiar with the local market, helped many chicken farmers to achieve great success by renovating their farms and upgrading the equipment, with more than 30 years of production experience, we can design and manufacture both chicken house and chicken cage based on your need and requirement.

We can provide clients with automatic layer cage, broiler cage, and pullet cage, all cage are equipped with automatic feeding system, automatic drinking system, automatic egg collecting system, automatic manure cleaning system, automatic climate control system, we can discuss and make the custom design for your farm, all equipment are manufactured with best quality raw material, state of art of technology, competitive price, good service before/after sale.

We recently just finished the chicken shed renovation for our client Mr Elly from Nairobi, helped to upgrade his farm from manual operation to fully automation, said that “egg broken rate is much lower, also spending less on feeding cost, chicken she is much cleaner now, no bad smells inside shed” and he is very happy with equipment quality and installation service, can’t wait to start working on his next shed! If you’re interested to learn more about this brand new renovated chicken shed, we would be glad to help to make the local visiting for you. 

So if you looking for poultry chicken business opportunity, and if you want to start your own Poultry Chicken Business at Kenya, pls feel free to give us a call, below is our contact information:

Website: www.retechfarming.com   www.farmingport.com 

Facebook: @retechfarmingchickencage    100k Followers

Whatsapp: +8618561818859

Email: info@retechfarming.com 

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