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Are you still you raising chickens in a conventional way?  In an open house without side walls? by natural air ventilation? raising chickens on the floor?

If you are a traditional chicken farmer,  did you  actually have a good review of the production performance at your farm?  Like egg production rate, FCR rate, and Mortality ...etc   I am sure that there are many factors affecting the production performance of the poultry chicken business. Like how to feed them properly, how to clean their houses, how to provide water for drinking etc... these are all important for running a successful chicken-raising business, but there is one more thing that most chicken farmers might easily overlook: 

Are chickens living in a comfortable environment? 

So did you check the temperature/humidity inside the poultry house to make sure your chickens are being raised in a comfortable environment, like not too hot or humid? If it's too cold or dry, they will be uncomfortable and may even get sick or die. 

The growth performance and health of chickens are greatly influenced by the environment in chicken houses. To improve the growth performance and health of birds, we investigated the relationship between the microclimate environment in chicken houses and the growth performance and health status of chicks. We found that the growth performance and health conditions of chicks could be improved by improving the environment in the chicken house. 

So, if you want to raise healthy chickens and improve production performance, you need to keep the temperature and humidity right.  If you don't know how to do this,  Retech can help you solve that issue,  by setting up a fully automatic ventilation system and state-of-art environment controlling system. 

Before we get to know the automatic ventilation system, do you know what's the difference between the traditional ventilation system and the intelligent environmental control system?  

Traditional ventilation systems use fans to blow air into the room. This method requires manual operation, and the fan speed must be adjusted manually according to the current conditions. When the temperature or humidity reaches the desired value, the fan speed should be increased to ensure that the required amount of air flows into the room. However, if the temperature or humidity is too low, then the fan speed should be reduced to reduce the flow of air. If the temperature or humidity is not within the range needed, the operator may need to adjust the settings again, very time-consuming and low efficient operation. 

Automatic ventilation is fully controlled by the intelligent environmental controller, which makes the whole process more convenient and efficient, all just need to switch to different ventilation modes based on local climate, and the system automatically adjusts the ventilation parameters accordingly,  all the fans, air inlets will be controlled by the computer, so the airflow is stable and reliable. The ventilation system also has an alarm function, when the temperature or humidity exceeds the set values, the system will sound an alarm to alert the operators. 

1)What is the function of the automatic ventilation system?

With the development of modern agriculture and animal husbandry, people are pursuing higher breeding efficiency. A suitable environment can achieve higher breeding benefits, save feed, water and energy costs, and improve feed conversion rate. RETECH FARMING has been focusing on the functional development and innovation of intelligent environmental controllers, just to create an ideal farm environment. The intelligent environmental controller can be based on the needs of chickens and the actual internal and external temperature of the chicken house. Automatic and precise control of environmental control equipment, it can maintain a comfortable indoor environment no matter what the outdoor temperature is. In this process, intelligence is used to replace labor, which reduces the workload of operators and reduces the dependence on technicians.

According to the needs of the chickens and the actual temperature inside and outside the house, the RETECH intelligent environmental controller automatically and accurately regulates the environmental control equipment to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Replacing labor with intelligence reduces the workload of operators and improves the efficiency of chicken house supervision.

2) How does it work for a poultry chicken house?

the chicken house ventilation system can be used to control the temperature and humidity inside the layer chicken house, which will help keep the chickens healthy and increase their productivity.

The smart environmental controller uses the IoT and big data collection to collect the breeding real-time environmental information through environmental sensing probes and equipment distributed in all parts of the chicken house. Through the ventilation level, heating and humidification and negative pressure, the ambient temperature in the house is controlled on a set curve to meet the growth and development needs of livestock and poultry.

A ventilation system works by using airflow to transfer fresh air from the outside into the interior of the building. It also helps remove moisture from the air, so as to help bring the temperature down during hot weather. 

The RETECH intelligent environmental controller can achieve a smooth transition between different modes, and the temperature difference between the head and tail of the house is below 2°C. Chicken house temperatures are kept at optimum levels throughout the year. Healthy birds, high performance, good feed conversion ratio, low mortality.

3) What is the benefit of a ventilation system for a closed poultry chicken house?

The automatic ventilation system can provide a clean and comfortable environment for chickens, which can reduce the risk of disease transmission. Ventilation systems can effectively prevent the spread of diseases such as avian influenza, Newcastle disease, salmonella, etc., and ensure that the health of the chickens is not affected. besides, the ventilation system can also protect the chickens from heat stress and cold stress.

4) What is the advantage of the RETECH intelligent environmental control system?

It's The most advanced algorithm in the world, Automatic calculation of minimum ventilation volume based on temperature and old days. The automatically modifies the target temperature according to the humidity change, automatically adjusts the temperature difference according to the season, the automatically adjusts target temperature according to the apparent temperature of birds. 

A number of the latest developed technologies lead the world, filling the blank in domestic livestock husbandry ventilation automation control. Multi-dimensional control makes the temperature of the chicken house more accurate, and the temperature difference between front and end does not exceed 2°C. Automatic and precise ventilation reduces the difficulty of environmental control and makes the breeding environment in the house more stable, thereby reducing breeding risks.

Retech environment controller considers the interactive effects of raising mode, season, house temperature, day age, humidity, negative pressure and location, and calculates the poultry apparent temperature according to the multi-factor intelligent hybrid algorithm. After more than 3000 project practices and upgrades, our apparent temperature algorithm is the most advanced in the world. With reference to the apparent temperature data and alarms, managers can obtain more accurate information for correct adjustments.

Pls contact us if you are interested in upgrading your farm from natural ventilation manual operation to fully automated ventilation environmental controlling system.

Retech has been exploring and studying different poultry types of equipment for many years, and we’re very familiar with the local market, helped many chicken farmers to achieve great success by renovating their farms and upgrading their equipment, with more than 30 years of production experience, we can design and manufacture both chicken house and chicken cage based on your need and requirement, we can provide clients with automatic layer cage, broiler cage, and pullet cage, with best quality raw material, state of art of technology, competitive price, good service before/after the sale.

So if you looking for a Poultry chicken business opportunity, and if you want to start your own Poultry Chicken Business, pls feel free to give us a call, would be more than happy to help you!


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