Breeder Chicken Cage

  • Product Name: Breeder Chicken Cage
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  • Applicable Industries: Poultry Farms
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  • Use: Breeder Chicken
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  • Material:Hot Dip Galvanized Steel
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  • Tiers:3 Tiers
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  • Certification:ISO 9001,SONCAP
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  • Life Time:15-20 Years
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  • Competitive Advantage:We provide customers with poultry farming solutions, including product research and development, project design, production, installation and service. Export Market Distribution:Southeast Asia,Africa,Mid East

Categories: Breeder Chicken Cage

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Breeder Chicken Cage

Name: Breeder Chicken Cage
Type: H Type
Material: Galvanized Steel
Life Time: 15-20years
Tiers: 3 Tiers
We offer professional, economical and practical soultion.