15th Anniversary Spring Appreciation Event

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April 20, 2024, the companys 15th anniversary!

On this day 15 years ago, Mr. Zhao (CEO) founded the company. After 15 years of persistence and innovation, we have attracted talents and the company has gradually grown and expanded. Today, we usher in a grand celebration of the 15th anniversary of the company's establishment! 

Mr. Zhao(CEO) 

In order to commend every employee who has contributed silently over the past 15 years, a unique team-building activity was specially organized. On this special day, we embarked on the journey together and felt the strength and cohesion of the team.

For the first stop, we chose mountain climbing. Running and climbing in the mountains and forests, we challenge ourselves and move forward bravely. Everyone unleashes their energy, courage and perseverance.

Next, we visited the Qingzhou Museum and learned about the history and culture of this land. Between the intertwining of art and history, we can feel the profound cultural heritage and stimulate our desire for knowledge and wisdom.

Finally, we visited the ancient city, strolled on the thousand-year-old stone road, and felt the charm and style of the ancient city. The bluestone slabs and wooden structures of the ancient city seem to take us back to ancient times, allowing us to feel the vicissitudes and changes of history.

This team-building activity was not only colorful and exciting, but also demonstrated the vitality and team spirit of our employees. In the days to come, we will continue to work hand in hand to conquer new heights and jointly write a new chapter in the company's development!

For 15 years, we have been together all the way, and for 15 years, we have grown together. Let us join hands and continue to create a better tomorrow! The company will always be with you to help you achieve your dreams! May we never forget our original aspirations and move forward together in the years to come!

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