The temperature of chicken cage

Retech Automatic Chicken Cage Supplier We all know that temperature is very important during the brood and can even

Why have my laying hens stopped laying?

Retech Automatic Chicken Cage Supplier There can be several reasons why laying hens have stopped laying but with a little bit of detective work

6 Reasons why chickens pull feed

Have you noticed the environment in the layer house?

1. Chicken house temperature Keep the temperature of the layer house between 13~23 °C, otherwise the egg production will decrease and the quality of the eggs will also be affected.

Prevention and control of avian influenza

Feeding level is one of the important indicators to measure the productivity of poultry breeding in a region, and it has a great effect on the economic development of a region.

How to strengthening poultry chicken house raising management measures?

(1). Reduce raising density.The raising density of layers in high temperature should be guaranteed up to 500cm2, and the minimum cannot be less than 380cm2.

Reasonable time for laying hens to drink

Layers have different water requirements in different seasons. According to farmers' breeding experience, in general, the daily water requirement of each chicken is about 110 ml in winter, 280 ml in summer, and 200 ml in spring and autumn.

Selection method of disinfectant for chicken farm

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