egg layer chicken cage

Several key periods of high-yielding laying hens.

Retech only use high-quality material and continuously monitor the quality of each component. Make raising chickens easier and more efficient.

laying hens chicken farm

Laying hen characteristics and how to choose

Retech Farming provide customers with multi-dimensional whole process turnkey solutions, including project consulting, project designing.

modern chicken house

Hazards of Harmful Gases in Chicken House?

RETECH is the preferred service provider of smart raising solutions for global poultry farms. Committed to turning customers' needs into smart solutions.

automatic layer cage

Eggshell quality is related to these

RETECH has more than 30 years’ production experience, focusing on automatic layer, broiler and pullet raising equipment manufacture.

breeder chicken house

Empty period management of breeder farms.

RETECH FARMING devotes to the manufacturing of automated poultry chicken raising equipment, the researching and developing of intelligent environmental control systems.

automatic chicken farm

2 methods of breeding high-quality laying hens.

As a leading livestock equipment manufacturer, RETECH FARMING is committed to turning customers’ needs into smart solutions.

pullet chicken cage

How to prepare the brooding house?

Automatic Pullet Chicken Cage,reasonable design of feed regulator, the birds will not run away and get stuck.small water cup, feed trough and plastic mat are supplied for day old chicken.

raising chicks

How to raise chicks better?

Our design experts will customize the farm layout and chicken house design for you according to your needs, land conditions and local climate.

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We offer professional, economical and practical soultion.